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The Cost of Stress

Are you feeling stressed right now? This is a question you need to start asking yourself. Another important question to ask yourself is, can you do anything about it? The cost of stress can be daunting. However, the truth is that many people have the wrong ideas about stress.

Not all stress is bad. In fact, some stress can be good depending on the situation. It can help you handle serious situations safely. It can help you power through a workout. 

The problem lies in chronic stress. 

The people that stress from the moment they wake up until they go to bed day in, day out - eventually they will pay for it. By staying in a constant state of stress, you’ll pay with your mental health, your immune system, your cardiovascular system, and even in the way you produce your hormones. The bottom line is that constant, chronic stress will, over time, have an adverse effect on your overall health and well-being. 

How can you move passed that negative type of stress?


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Sleeping for Your Health

One aspect many people don’t really think about when trying to improve their health and wellness is sleep. Sleep is critical because it’s the time your body uses to fully recover from the day.

Not only do our organs go into a cleansing and recovery phase, but our hormones recharge as well. For example, we have talked in the past about cortisol being a critical hormone that must be controlled to keep our stress levels down. Sleep helps you level out those hormones and replenish your internal batteries if you will.  

While many people may spend time “in bed,” they might not actually be getting enough sleep. A reason for this is that their window of sleep doesn’t match up with the time they need for a night of deep sleep. If your body never slips into a deep sleep, it never gets the chance to fully get into recovery mode. 

Better Preparation is the Key to Deep Sleep

Begin your day by getting some melatonin from the morning sun. Take a walk...

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Hydration Beyond the Elixir of Life

When most people think of proper hydration, they think of water - the elixir of life. However, proper hydration goes beyond simply drinking a glass of water. We all know we should be drinking a certain amount of water every day, but that’s not to say we should drink just any water. 

In our intermittent fasting post, we shared how people can live without food for periods of time as a weight-loss tool. What you can’t live without though, is water. A mistake we see some people make is focusing so much on their nutrition and diet that they forget about proper hydration. 

When you first wake up, you need to hydrate your body. A lot of our clients are dehydrated, especially first thing in the morning. As we sleep, our bodies are drying out. That’s why it’s so important to drink a glass of water upon waking - to rehydrate your cells.

The best water to drink is distilled water and reverse osmosis water. Unlike a typical glass of tap water, or even many...

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Why Are You Here?

The journey of getting healthier is not always an easy one. That’s why before you even begin we want you to think about why you are here. Why do you want to get and stay healthy? Why do you want to change your eating habits, your workout habits, and ultimately your lifestyle?

We’re going to challenge you to get a journal and really ponder this. Now, you might wonder, why should you figure out your “why”? Simply put, discovering your reasons why can help you stay motivated in the tough times. And, there will be tough times. 

When you get two weeks, four weeks, or even a few months into your healthy lifestyle journey, you need to always go back to why you are here. It’s what will keep you going. It’s what will help you keep putting in the work and showing up. 

Don’t overthink it, but we do want you to get crystal clear on this. Think about where you are right now in this present moment, and where you want to be. Go for a walk or a...

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It’s About The Journey

Deciding we want something is kind of funny. Sometimes, making the decision is as simple as going and getting it. For example, if you want light in a room, you flip a light switch and the room changes from dark to light. 

A life change though, that’s not as easy flipping a switch. It’s more like turning the dial of a dimmer. It won’t happen instantly, but with time it will happen. True change, like changing your body, your workout habits, your eating habits - that is a journey towards making a better lifestyle for yourself. 

I like to think of changing one’s lifestyle like working a jigsaw puzzle. You can sit down with all of your pieces and slowly put them together, but it may take a while to start seeing the picture. It will take dedication, and you’ll have to keep showing up and doing the work. 

Eventually, over time, your pieces will all fall into place and you’ll be able to see the picture. The picture you will see may not look...

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What are viruses?

Virus’s are very tiny germs, much smaller then bacteria. They are made up of genetic material with an outside protein exterior. They have some unique characteristics.
  1. They are not able to make protein like some other cells.
  2. They are totally dependent on their host for survival.
  3. They can reproduce while inside the host cell.
  4. A strong immune system can keep viruses from multiplying.
  5. Im a compromised immune system, the virus inserts it’s genetic material into the cell and begins to produce more viruses in the host cell.
  6. Each virus has a unique shape, and is attracted to very specific organs in the body.
It is generally accepted that once a virus is in the cell it seldom leaves. Medication, vitamins and herbs that have proven to be effective simply suppress the virus and limit its ability to reproduce. A strong immune system is the key to prevention. The key elements of this strategy are:
  1. Eating a variety of whole foods.
  2. 2000mg or vitamin C
  3. 50-90ng/ml of...
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Real Change is All About Consistency

Do you want to change your body, and therefore, change your life? If so, then you have to be consistent. That is the key to transformation. The truth is, even a mediocre program can give you results when you’re consistent. Consistency with a better program? That’s when you see a dramatic change.

A common question we get is “how much do I have to do to get results?” The answer is that what you get out is what you put in. Our programs are catered to each individual. And, when you do the work, you get the maximum results for your efforts. However, if you aren’t doing the work, no amount of customization for a health and fitness regimen will matter. 

Take the example of how to do handstand walking. The average person in good health might be able to do a handstand, but most likely they wouldn’t be able to walk on their hands. In fact, most people wouldn’t even be able to do a handstand at all. But, if they consistently worked on it, and kept...

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Health As Easy As Breathing

We don’t think much about breathing. We do it all day, every day. After all, if we’re not breathing, we’re not alive. But are you breathing correctly? There’s a lot of focus on training and working out. There is even significant attention given to nutrition, but you have to talk about breathing to when you’re trying to learn how to be healthier inside and out. 

It’s critical that you practice breathing, and train yourself to do it the right way. When you aren’t breathing correctly, training can become much more difficult. As you exert your body, and get out of breath, correcting your breathing can be the key to getting you safely through your workouts and enjoying maximum results from your efforts. 

Breathing is The Most Important to Your Health Regimen

People are always surprised, but when people ask me what’s the most important thing to do to be healthy, I tell them breathing. Your breath practice can be the difference...

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Give Yourself a Cold Snap

Another trend that has been coming up a lot lately is the cold. Not the weather specifically, but cold exposure to your body such as with a cold shower. Is there a real benefit to it? And if so, how can you start implementing them into your life?

In my opinion yes, cold exposure can be beneficial to your body. However, like any change that you’re making, you don’t just jump in with both feet. You have to train your body to make changes. 

Benefits of Cold Exposure

Our bodies are used to being comfortable. After years of using air conditioners and heaters, we aren’t used to adapting to drastic temperature changes. I believe that this comfort is one of the reasons are metabolisms have slowed and our immune systems have weakened. One way to jolt your system is to get it used to cold exposure. Short of cold therapy, the fastest way for most people to do this is by taking cold showers. 

The benefits of cold showers are:

  • Activate brown adipose tissue (helps...
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Is Stretching Bad for You?

As with many things in the fitness industry, there are a lot of misconceptions about the topic of stretching. A common question we hear is, “Is stretching bad for you?” There are people that talk ad nauseum about how it’s so good for you and say that you should do it every day. Then, there are others who say it’s not necessary, or worse, that it’s bad for you. Who’s right? Let’s discuss this. 

Stretching is Good for You, But…

Bad stretching is bad for you. Or rather, bad practices in stretching are what’s actually bad for you. Your body does need stretching, but it’s something you need to get used to doing, and you need to do it the right way. What does that mean exactly?

Stretching is important for your body, and it's a part of the mobility practice that we share with our clients. However, it’s not the end-all, be-all. Stretching is not the only thing you should focus on. You should be stretching in some...

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