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This is the same protocol I use when my body needs a reset, especially during the times I was overworked, traveling insane amounts, and 30lbs overweight. 

Based on scientific and evolutionary concepts, the Total Balance approach to fasting also helps regulate your hormones. 

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I'm not gonna lie, it won't be easy (in the beginning) for those of you who have never done something like this before.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There's no crazy complicated setup. We will send you a Quickstart Guide that breaks everything down, along with the recipe you need for your electrolyte solution. 

Anything over 24 hours is considered prolonged fasting. To make it clear, we're not going to fast for more than 3-4 days at a time. There's a method in the madness!

100%. The reason people have a low blood sugar crash is because they're reliant on only one source of fuel, and that's basically sugar. Unfortunately, there will be dips in the beginning and that's where a customized plan becomes very powerful because we will create a plan that's right for that person. 

If you are on any medication you should continue taking it.

Once you’ve completed this protocol we can actually talk about a customized approach that will potentially get you off any medication treating acute conditions.

During this time, don't focus on your workouts or activities. You need to let the body heal, so don't do anything intense. If you're highly energetic or a gym person, go for a walk/bike ride, but allow your body to adapt in the beginning.


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