Health As Easy As Breathing

breathing exercise Feb 09, 2020

We don’t think much about breathing. We do it all day, every day. After all, if we’re not breathing, we’re not alive. But are you breathing correctly? There’s a lot of focus on training and working out. There is even significant attention given to nutrition, but you have to talk about breathing to when you’re trying to learn how to be healthier inside and out. 

It’s critical that you practice breathing, and train yourself to do it the right way. When you aren’t breathing correctly, training can become much more difficult. As you exert your body, and get out of breath, correcting your breathing can be the key to getting you safely through your workouts and enjoying maximum results from your efforts. 

Breathing is The Most Important to Your Health Regimen

People are always surprised, but when people ask me what’s the most important thing to do to be healthy, I tell them breathing. Your breath practice can be the difference between being rested and tired. Proper breathing can lower your stress level. It helps you with meditation. 

You need to be taking in more oxygen, and letting all that carbon dioxide out. As you start breathing better, you will feel better, you’ll become more mindful, and you’ll be able to be present in the moment. 

While you can’t go without water for long, you can go a long time without food. But the one thing you can’t go without - is breathing. Unfortunately, in our daily lives, most people have become chest breathers. They don’t know how to activate their diaphragm. 

Most people need to learn how to breathe in and out through the nose. What’s the big deal, you might be asking? Breathing in through your nose forces the air to be filtered through the hairs in your nose. They are there to help you filter out the nano particulates in the air. Your lungs act as a secondary filtration for the particulates in the air that can make you sick. 

When you breathe in through your nose, you’re using your diaphragm more which can help you eliminate snoring and sleep apnea. Proper breathing can also help with stress and depression. 

Finally, when you breathe properly, you can decrease the amount of carbon dioxide in your system. People who are chest breathers tend to have more carbon dioxide than oxygen in their bodies. 

Breathing Practice Can Be Hard at First

Like all new exercises, re-learning how to breathe can be hard in the beginning. You may fear you’re doing it too loudly. Perhaps you will become lightheaded because you’re not used to taking in that much oxygen. Still, after you relearn how to breathe, you’ll find the benefits are significant. You’ll feel better, and, well, you’ll breathe easier. 



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