Want to work out but don't know where to begin?

Getting healthy can be a challenge.
Nutrition, exercise, mindset, they all work together but where do you begin? At Total Balance we have put together a method that works with you and your lifestyle - bringing all three into focus.



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What Are Our Clients Saying



"What Paul and Christine have managed to do with flying colours is capture the Total Balance experience on their website. Their focus is truly holistic and the content provided covers numerous activities and actions the user can do to improve their overall health and lifestyle. There are step by step videos to guide you through the intricacies of the movements. Monthly, weekly and daily plans to follow, along with various downloads full of great information to assist. On top of all of this are one on one Zoom meetings that can be scheduled to answer questions, discuss progress and any obstacles you might have. This is a content rich program with tremendous value for the dollar which you would have a hard time finding anywhere else, virtual or otherwise."

— Current Member

"I want to say thanks for all of your effort to help me reach my goals. Total Balance helped me change my life and has put me on a path to reach the goals I set for myself way back when we first met. I love the place and think it is perfect for me and my family. I have never had life more balance in my life than I do now. I know my wife feels the same way too and both my kids watch how we live so no doubt they will follow suit. Laura, Adrian and now Mikey are all awesome (I have not met Richard yet). You are like my guru my friend. I feel like my skill set and mindset are so much better than they have ever been. Thank you"

 — Current Member