About Us

 Paul and Christine | Co-Founders of Total Balance

They created Total Balance in 1999. It was an equal merge of a girl and a boy. Christine was a Classical Homeopath, professional dance and movement coach. A girl from Montreal rooted with French roots. Paul was a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, professional mountain Guide and strength and conditioning coach. A boy from Toronto with Italian roots. 
They met in Oakville, currently their hometown, and shortly thereafter opened up their facility based on their experiences. Although they have similar results their unique approach takes different roads to the same end. This power couple started in Oakville and although still services the local community they have ventured internationally as well. 
The Total Balance brand is unique in how it looks at your timeline rooted in your current lifestyle and adds or deletes aspects to being put a persons best. This community is based on truth and authenticity. Welcome to Total Balance. 

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