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The Cost of Stress

Are you feeling stressed right now? This is a question you need to start asking yourself. Another important question to ask yourself is, can you do anything about it? The cost of stress can be daunting. However, the truth is that many people have the wrong ideas about stress.

Not all stress is bad. In fact, some stress can be good depending on the situation. It can help you handle serious situations safely. It can help you power through a workout. 

The problem lies in chronic stress. 

The people that stress from the moment they wake up until they go to bed day in, day out - eventually they will pay for it. By staying in a constant state of stress, you’ll pay with your mental health, your immune system, your cardiovascular system, and even in the way you produce your hormones. The bottom line is that constant, chronic stress will, over time, have an adverse effect on your overall health and well-being. 

How can you move passed that negative type of stress?


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Sleeping for Your Health

One aspect many people don’t really think about when trying to improve their health and wellness is sleep. Sleep is critical because it’s the time your body uses to fully recover from the day.

Not only do our organs go into a cleansing and recovery phase, but our hormones recharge as well. For example, we have talked in the past about cortisol being a critical hormone that must be controlled to keep our stress levels down. Sleep helps you level out those hormones and replenish your internal batteries if you will.  

While many people may spend time “in bed,” they might not actually be getting enough sleep. A reason for this is that their window of sleep doesn’t match up with the time they need for a night of deep sleep. If your body never slips into a deep sleep, it never gets the chance to fully get into recovery mode. 

Better Preparation is the Key to Deep Sleep

Begin your day by getting some melatonin from the morning sun. Take a walk...

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