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Decades of working with athletes have shown us what works and what doesn't, and we've made it our passion to share that with you. 

It’s About The Journey

Deciding we want something is kind of funny. Sometimes, making the decision is as simple as going and getting it. For example, if you want light in a room, you flip a light switch and the room changes from dark to light. 

A life change though, that’s not as easy flipping a switch. It’s more like turning the dial of a dimmer. It won’t happen instantly, but with time it will happen. True change, like changing your body, your workout habits, your eating habits - that is a journey towards making a better lifestyle for yourself. 

I like to think of changing one’s lifestyle like working a jigsaw puzzle. You can sit down with all of your pieces and slowly put them together, but it may take a while to start seeing the picture. It will take dedication, and you’ll have to keep showing up and doing the work. 

Eventually, over time, your pieces will all fall into place and you’ll be able to see the picture. The picture you will see may not look...

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