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Give Yourself a Cold Snap

Another trend that has been coming up a lot lately is the cold. Not the weather specifically, but cold exposure to your body such as with a cold shower. Is there a real benefit to it? And if so, how can you start implementing them into your life?

In my opinion yes, cold exposure can be beneficial to your body. However, like any change that you’re making, you don’t just jump in with both feet. You have to train your body to make changes. 

Benefits of Cold Exposure

Our bodies are used to being comfortable. After years of using air conditioners and heaters, we aren’t used to adapting to drastic temperature changes. I believe that this comfort is one of the reasons are metabolisms have slowed and our immune systems have weakened. One way to jolt your system is to get it used to cold exposure. Short of cold therapy, the fastest way for most people to do this is by taking cold showers. 

The benefits of cold showers are:

  • Activate brown adipose tissue (helps...
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