Do You Need a Mindset Reset?

mindset priorities Oct 07, 2019

You may have heard the phrase “what you think about, you bring about.” This is just as true for your diet and exercise regimen as it is for every aspect of your life. Your mindset determines how successful you will be in attaining your goals. Therefore, if your goal is to lose weight and get in shape, you need to be in the mindset of someone who is physically and nutritionally healthy. In this post, we’ll explore what that looks like. 

The Mindset of a Healthy Person

Your mindset is not about the number of fitness classes you made it to in a week, or how many healthy meals you consumed. It’s about why you’re going to those classes and eating those nutritious options in the first place. Ask yourself, why do you want to eat a healthy diet and work out? If you're like most of our clients, the answer is that you want to look and feel good. 

Once you have settled on the mindset of looking and feeling good, you can use that to dictate your future choices. For example, “will my eating this pint of ice cream while bingeing on Game of Thrones result in me feeling and looking good?” If the answer is no, perhaps that isn’t the best choice for you in this moment. 

Another example would be skipping lunch. Will this make you look and feel good? Odds are you answered no to this as well. The reason for this is deep down you know that you will likely allow yourself to make an unhealthy choice to satisfy the immediate feeling of hunger, rather than focusing on your goals at the moment. 

Your Mindset Helps You Set Your Priorities

When your overall mindset is on health, you inevitably make healthier choices. You prepare healthy breakfasts and lunches ahead of time because you know you’re busy. You plan your weekly workout schedule, and even buy better snacks and dinners at the grocery store. You make smarter choices almost without thinking because when you’re in the mindset of a healthy person, these choices become significantly easier to make. 

You may not particularly enjoy eating vegetables or taking that daily spin class. However, your mindset of someone that wants to look and feel good empowers you to do it anyway without thinking twice about it. It’s easier to get back on the proverbial wagon if you slip up as well. Because your main goal is top of mind, you are more likely to just accept that sugary snack or skipping leg day as a one-off incident, rather than allowing yourself to slip back into old habits indefinitely.  

If you are currently making bad diet and exercise choices, perhaps you need a mindset reset into one of a healthy person. It’s time to get really clear on what you want for your life, for your body, and for your health overall. Note: the focus should be on your body and your desires for your life, not what others want for or expect of you. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, whatever you want for your life starts with shifting your mindset to who you want to become. Then, once you settle on what that mindset looks like, you can begin building habits into your life that help your goals become your reality.


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