Do you know the number 1 issues most of our clients have?

NUTRITION - yep, we were amazed by how many people we surveyed wanted to know more about proper nutrition, healthy eating when traveling, what is necessary for energy but also weight management.

Here's what we think, when it comes to nutrition Total Balance belief system is about creating a healthy relationship with food and eating habits. 

We start with a Whole 30 approach, eliminating certain foods which cause inflammation in the body. We start with 30 days to allow the negative food to be flushed from your system and feel how much better your body and mind are without the symptoms or disease (not at ease).   

Then we re-introduce certain foods back into your diet and assess how your body reacts. Start with a scale of 1 to 5, in terms of energy, hunger and cravings.   

This can take a few months, which is a small investment in time considering the benefits. In our course, we are working on an individual basis, as we are all unique, looking to help you find equilibrium that makes you a healthier, happier and increased quality of life.   

We have been working to help our our members navigate this approach, but first we want to educate, because through knowledge is empowerment. We would like to invite you to explore in depth these concepts and help you assess where you are today not only with nutrition but exercise regime as well. These two are intertwined not independent and supported by your motivation and consistency.  

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